Using the Smart Approach

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System and network outages are a huge problem when it limits or prevents your access to data. Traditional systems have limits and the 24/7 […]

Gender Pay Inequity in the Publishing World

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The average difference in pay between men and women in the publishing world of the United Kingdom is a sizable amount, ranging from 11.3% […]

Too Far?

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IBM has launched Watson Assistant, a new service aimed at companies looking to build voice-activated virtual assistants for their own products. This information came to […]

The Problem with AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to fill the headlines each and every day. New advances, new applications and new ways for AI to change and […]

IoT in the Future

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The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has changed the way business and individuals live and work in their daily lives. And it doesn’t seem to be […]

Intelligent Data Management

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Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, text mining, information extraction, ontology development, and Web-based learning are used in a […]

Data Driven Disciplines

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Data science is exploding in the data-driven world we live in. In concert, data analysis and business intelligence have grown in both value and […]