Classifying the Classifications

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Taxonomists are often asked about the work they do. For those outside the world of information science and management, it can be hard to […]

Machine Learning and Vocabulary

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An audio mining product called OmniTraq is using machine learning driven capabilities to detect customer sentiment and monitor service quality across a range of verticals. Market Exclusive […]

Semantic Functions of Brain Stimulated by Drug

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LSD is known for dramatically altering people’s state of consciousness. New research suggests that the mind-expanding effects of LSD may also extend to language. The Huffington […]

Going back to school?

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WebSearch University 2016 provides a unique opportunity to connect with some of the best-known power searchers – the people who specialize in tracking the ongoing […]

The Semantics of Words

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Do you have one of those friends who has words they can’t stand to hear? Or maybe you are one who shudders at hearing […]

Organizing Knowledge

Humans classify and categorize everything from types of writing instruments to breeds of animals. Marjorie Hlava in her Taxobook states “you could even say […]

Thinking Outside the Words

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With necessity being the mother of invention, this particular blogger/developer created a tool to serve the purpose of a thesaurus construction application. You may […]

Building Relationships

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Merriam Webster’s definition of thesaurus is “a book in which words that have the same or similar meanings are grouped together”. Like words themselves, […]