Social Media in Records Management

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Records management can be challenging, but just when you think your challenges might be the largest battle yet, consider what the National Archives and Records […]

Dictionaries in the World of Social Media

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The days of encyclopedias may have been ended by Google and other search engines, but dictionaries are standing the test of time. This interesting […]


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Think about the many ways in which we can search the web. First, there are various browsers to choose from: Chrome, FireFox, or Internet […]

Social Content Going Live

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The trend seems to be all about live content. After year’s of YouTube pushing old and older content, Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming app got the […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Social Media Realm

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Twitter is making artificial intelligence efforts a priority. They are seeking experts to fill out a new team called ‘Cortex.’  Business Insider brought this […]

Where to Start?

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The Library of Congress started taking steps in 2010 toward preserving the nation’s increasingly digital heritage — by acquiring Twitter’s entire archive of tweets […]

Twitter Usage Continues to Grow

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Twitter continues to grow in usage and in data, personal data. More than 400 million tweets take place each day, which is up from 340 million just one month ago. Interestingly, the majority of Twitter users are mobile.

Traditional Media Still Hanging On

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Despite the predictions of many, the death of traditional media may not have arrived, just yet. The latest Ipsos Mendelsohn survey of affluent Americans reveals less than 20% of “rich” Americans have embraced newer technologies.

The Pope Tweets

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Times have definitely changed and it has never been more apparent than the latest news of the Pope tweeting. Yes, you read that correctly. Pope Benedict XVI tweeted for the first time today, the Vatican has confirmed.