If the word for a book-lover is a bibliophile, what is the word for word-lover? Epeolatry means the worship of words, and that is pretty darn close. I do love words. In fact, my shower curtain is full of words and their definitions, because we all know everyone reads in the bathroom. Tyler Morning Telegraph brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Is It Just Me? Great words keep life fun.”

I enjoy encountering new words in books and articles. After looking them up, I imagine places and scenarios where I will be able to put them to use. I don’t always remember them, but I figure I am at least adding some quality vocabulary to this 50+ year old brain. Anything to keep it sharp (or sharp-ish).

I’d like to think of myself as a morosoph, a would-be philosopher. In reality, I am probably an ultracrepidarian – someone who gives an opinion on things s/he knows nothing about.

Melody K. Smith

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