Data and technology are used for many things, including social impact. Nithya Ramanathan believes in the importance of using data to contribute to solving climate change issues, what their impacts are on the population, and the challenges that come with them. This interesting information came from Clean Technica in their article, “How The Internet Of Things & Data Analytics Contribute To Sustainable Development.

Ramanathan, co-founder of Nexleaf Analytics, works to provide low-income countries with sensor technologies, and therefore data, used to protect temperature-sensitive vaccines for newborns, reduce air pollution by incentivizing cleaner cooking and protect produce for smallholder farmers.

Because of her background as a computer scientist and an engineer, she understood how data and innovation have the power to answer some of these questions around sustainability, not only for climate change initiatives but also for global health, food insecurity, and so many other sectors. Nexleaf Analytics is built on a model of using data and analytics to create adaptive solutions that last.

Melody K. Smith

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