It sounds like fiction, but there are engineers, researchers, and data scientists who are working on travel right now. This information came to us from Yahoo Finance in their article, “Why Google Thinks Machine Learning Will Be a Game Changer for Travel.”+

You thought I said time travel, didn’t you? I confess, at first glance it is what I read as well. But in all seriousness there is no industry that is benefiting more from advances in machine learning right now than travel.

Though we aren’t transporting back to historical timelines, machine learning is changing the entire travel industry more than any other industry in the world. Language barriers have always been a huge obstacle for travelers to fully experience other cultures. The advances in machine learning directly feed into improvements in machine translation.

There are other benefits to travel by using machine learning, such as monitor flight delays, identifying trends and predicting the most uninterrupted flight schedule for users.

Melody K. Smith

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