Taxonomy of Games

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Taxonomies, categories, classifications – whatever you call them, they provide order and hierarchy. This interesting information came to us from Venture Beat in their article, “App […]

Data Taxonomy Improves Findability

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A new data taxonomy for the Canadian market has been launched and is categorized across a number of key classifications, updated in real-time to help marketers […]

Semantic Technology Webinar – Register Today

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The next webinar in the series, “MEANING MATTERS: Practical Applications of Semantic Technology,” is about an interesting topic featuring a really interesting guy, Dr. Bob Allkin, a […]

Scientific Bias

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Classifications have been around forever. In science, in information management, in the grocery store aisles and in society. This interesting topic came to us from […]

Rules Matter

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My mother raised me to respect rules. As a middle child, I was the rule follower and self-imposed referee to ensure everyone else followed […]

Taxonomies of Experience

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Knowledge is broad with wide classifications. It can be classified into individual and collective knowledge. And then there are the more specific subjects that […]