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Handling the Growing Technology Demands

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Digital transformation was well underway before the pandemic hit in early 2020. Healthcare was certainly the most affected, but there were high demands for […]

Attacks From All Sides

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Over the past year, the coronavirus has managed to take the lives of over 500,000 of people. With the population focused on the virus, […]

Data Security in a Digital World

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Data integrity is the overall accuracy, completeness and consistency of data. The term also refers to the safety of data in regards to regulatory compliance and […]

Emerging Technologies: Good and Bad

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Emerging technologies is all the talk these days. Though the term appears to be self-explanatory, there are many lists being created and shared that […]

Cybercrime and Technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to find value in various industries. The latest is in fighting crime. This interesting news came to us from the […]

Security and Analytics

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Predictive analytics is finding its niche in various applications across various industries. One of those is helping businesses identify security threats. Business Wire brought this […]

Fighting Cybercrime

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Fighting cyber crime, phishing and malware attacks has never been more challenging with the advancement of technology. Now it is time to use technology […]

Machine Learning and Security

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Machine learning operations technology is enabling IT teams to deploy, monitor, manage and govern machine learning projects in production. SC Media brought this interesting […]

Data Breach in Donor Management

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Data breaches can cause panic across industries with the sheer mention of the word. Recently, another report of a data breach stirred some anxiety […]

Understanding the Security Terms

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Taxonomies, categories, classifications – whatever term you use – are all designed to provide order and hierarchy. This is true regardless of the topic or the […]