Data Analtyics

Implementing Data Governance

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A data governance framework is critical to any organization that uses analytics as part of its decision-making process. Tech Target brought us this interesting […]

Uncharted Territory

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The global pandemic has disrupted many things in our lives. It has also left its footprint on healthcare, education and the hospitality industry, to […]

Data Governance and Quality

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Strong data governance is key to any data management strategy. A data governance policy will set standards for privacy and access to data, which […]

Analytics in Business

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Operating in the business world is a gamble for everyone. For entrepreneurs, the decision making is even more important and needs to be informed […]

Data’s Story

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The 21st century has brought us some amazing advancements. The breadth and width of data and the stories that data can tell is unbelievable.┬áThis […]

Using Emerging Tech to Prop Up Airline Industry

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The travel industry, and most especially airlines, are looking for ways to maintain some level of business during this global pandemic. So this interesting […]