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Industry Meeting on Search in Nice

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There is a meeting coming up soon in Nice that might be worth your consideration. Granted, any meeting in Nice would be worth my consideration, but this one offers more than a great location. This is an international forum for those in the field of advanced search applications, data and text mining, and visualization technology. The primary focus of this meeting is on tools for intelligence and the meeting examines the requirements of specialists in scientific and technical information

Endeca Releases Latitude 2

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Endeca Technologies has announced the release of Endeca Latitude 2, the latest in their enterprise agile business intelligence platform. Latitude 2 offers organizations an improvement in the quality of enterprise-wide decision making by increasing the agility of IT and accelerating the delivery of agile business intelligence solutions.

New Product Enhances Data Mining

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Pingar will soon launch its first Chinese search portal, after four years of working to develop the Chinese market.

Natural Language Processing Changes Language

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New software system addresses the lack of language process systems for non-English electronic resources. Data mining with more accurate translation helps for computational processing of documents.

Freeing The Data – Trends for the Future

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Data is not a singular thing or process. Technology continues to evolve and branch out with highly scalable web search engines, increasingly capable natural language processing technologies, and artificial intelligence. Watson. Need we say more?

World Congress 2011 Focuses on Data Mining and Machine Learning

World Congress 2011 - The Frontiers in Intelligent Data and Signal Analysis looks at data mining in this age of data overload.