Get the Full Picture

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It is like half of an encyclopedia. If more people, businesses, writers, users, etc. are posting content to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., why isn’t Google indexing this information?

Google Releases New Algorithm

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It is a bird, it is a plane, no wait, it is a bird. A hummingbird to be exact. Google has released a new search algorithm designed to be more precise and provide faster query results, the algorithm is based on semantic search, focusing on user intent versus individual search terms.

The Power of Google+

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A recent study by Stone Temple Consulting on whether or not Google + shares alone can affect search engine rank. This seems a little precise for a study, but they took three websites and had two unique pages of applicable content published on each. One was a control page and one was a test page. Next , they had Google+ influencers share the page, as well as a handful of other participants who were instructed to only share the page, not visit or link to it in any other way.

Awards for Semantic Technology

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Google has awarded over $1.2 million to support research in several areas of several natural language understanding that relate to Google's concept of the Knowledge Graph. This substantial investment in machine learning is motivated by their need to further search technology.

Webinar Addresses Google Products

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A webinar is scheduled to provide an update on Google's products and services, including what is on the horizon. This webinar is scheduled for September 26, 2012 and is being offered by National Federation for Advanced Information Services (NFAIS).

Merger Has Potential To Change Search

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Yippy, Inc. has entered into an agreement to merge with MuseGlobal, a leading provider of content integration and data virtualization services. This combination of search and content integration professionals has the potential of providing a range of resources, few others, including big players like Google or Microsoft, possess. The combined companies will create an information cloud that could represent a significant shift in the business of enterprise search.

Semantic Activity

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At the beginning of the year, one author predicted that 2012 would be the year of the semantic web. At the half-way point he is revisiting that to see where those predictions stand now.

Social Media and Security – Not Always Enemies

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Recently at the Le Web – an Internet event in Europe, Google guru, Eric Schmidt spoke about the future being social, local and mobile. What does this mean? More Facebook? More smartphone apps? More Foursquare?

Large Data Sets and Ever Changing Terminology

Indexing enables accurate, consistent retrieval to the full depth and breadth of the collection. This does not mean that the statistics-based systems the government loves so much, will go away but, they are learning to embrace the addition of taxonomy terms as indexing.