The Value Added by Folksonomies

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As content is organized, the standard approaches include hierarchical or flat. One or both utilize tags to put labels on the content, which makes […]

Fingers in Every Pot — Metadata Through the Publishing Pipeline

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Nobody is going to deny that publishing is and always has been a sometimes messy process, but sophisticated uses of metadata and taxonomies can help clean it up. It fascinates me how intimately it can work in every step of the process to make it easier on everybody, from the author writing the piece to the institution that publishes it, all the way to its marketing and use.

Inline Tagging Facilitating Linked Data

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Access Innovations recently debuted Data Harmony Version 3.9 and, within its new features and fixes, is a sneakily clever module called Inline Tagging. On the surface, it does exactly what the name says; it allows the user to see in a piece of content, quickly and clearly, what concepts in the text got triggered and tagged by the software. It seems simple enough, a handy tool, but upon closer inspection, it really opens doors for the user.

Search Engine Optimization Still in the Game

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ONSIS is experiencing amazing growth with their search engine optimization service, Profit By Search, which has resulted in many worldwide projects. Profit By Search works on Internet marketing and other online promotional activities using effective link building strategies, content strategies, metatagging, and other techniques.

SciVerse Chosen by Researchers

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Netherlands publisher Elsevier has announced that the European Research Council (ERC) has selected the SciVerse Scopus database to assist in the tracking and awarding of funding opportunities for researchers throughout the world.

My Mom Taught Me To Share

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There seems to be a lot of buzz about Pinterest and their potential copyright debacle. The image-based social network is taking a small step toward relieving some website owners who are concerned with potential copyright violations.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

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Engaging with businesses online is the norm and no longer the exception. Therefore, it is important to have a presence online that describes your services and promotes visibility. Many providers out there promise this result if you engage their product and services, particularly for social bookmarking.

New SharePoint Blog Launched

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A news service that covers news and information about SharePoint content processing and semantic technology for Microsoft SharePoint has been launched.