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Ontologies Provide Consistency

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The idea of an ontology is that it represents complex relationships among the objects or concepts themselves. So the intent of an ontology is to provide […]

Semantic Web and Ontologies

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The semantic web, or web 3.0, is often quoted as the next phase of the Internet. The semantic web was envisioned as a highly interconnected […]

Meeting and Managing Compliance

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Compliance has almost always relied on people and demand for compliance professionals has surged due to some fairly significant increase in regulatory reporting requirements […]

Data Warehouses Getting A Boost

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Semantic technology uses formal semantics to give meaning to the disparate and raw data that surrounds us. Combine that with linked data technology and it builds […]

The Pressure is On Data Quality

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Melissa is a provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions. Their informatics division, Melissa Informatics, is advancing on the expectations of big […]

Search in the Web 3.0

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The evolution of the Web began in 2001 with the Semantic Web. The evolution has moved through two stages so far. Web 1.0 was basically […]