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NLP and Structured Data

By |October 1st, 2020|News|Comments Off on NLP and Structured Data

Natural language processing (NLP) is the technology used to allow computers to understand humans’ natural language. It’s not an easy task teaching machines to […]

Unstructured Data’s Role in Cybersecurity

By |December 4th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Unstructured Data’s Role in Cybersecurity

Data breaches and hacker activities are being published in the media almost every week. With every report, consumers become increasingly frustrated and organizations face […]

Applying Taxonomies in Shopping

By |September 3rd, 2019|News|Comments Off on Applying Taxonomies in Shopping

Taxonomies are everywhere and even if they aren’t labeled as such, they do exist in any capacity that needs to successfully and efficiently find […]

Swimming in the Data Lake

By |June 14th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Swimming in the Data Lake

Data lakes are storage repositories that hold a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed. Data lakes have become very […]

Meeting and Managing Compliance

By |February 28th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Meeting and Managing Compliance

Compliance has almost always relied on people and demand for compliance professionals has surged due to some fairly significant increase in regulatory reporting requirements […]

Data Storage Is Not One Size Fits All

By |October 15th, 2018|News|Comments Off on Data Storage Is Not One Size Fits All

Data lake or data warehouse? What is the difference and what works best? DATAVERSITY brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Data […]

All Part of the Family

By |January 11th, 2018|News, ontology, Taxonomy|Comments Off on All Part of the Family

The difference between taxonomies and ontologies is a topic that can confuse even the most seasoned data professionals. But it is important to remember […]