Depth of Classifications

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We know that when a taxonomy is well-designed and rooted in standards, it can make finding your content easy and thorough. However, the meaning of the word ‘taxonomy’ is often confused with that for ‘classification’ or even ‘thesaurus’.

You Can Help

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AGROVOC is a controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. It is published by FAO and edited by a community of experts.

Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary Input Invited

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The National Agriculture Library is seeking your input on the Agriculture Thesaurus and Glossary. The thesaurus and glossary were first released by the National Agricultural Library in 2002.

Tools for the Trade

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I am a writer. I write a variety of content. Writing for TaxoDiary is just one avenue where my words take shape. I also write about employee engagement, communications, healthcare billing, medical coding, human resources, and when time allows, I splurge with some good ole fiction writing to spur the creative juices. I say all this to provide context as to why having a new variety of theasauri truly excites me.

Show Me the Money

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By 2025, the Winklevoss twins, more known for their legal battles with former classmate Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook, predicts a “cashless society” will dominate with the virtual currency bitcoin.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Classifying Food

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As a lover of all things tasty, my mind often turns to the kinds of food and drink that I love. As someone who works with taxonomies and thesauri, I tend to try to classify them. Often, though, I don't get very far with it because I start to get hungry. However, I just ate, so I don't think it'll be so much of an issue this time.

A Celebration of Roget’s Taxonomy

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Later this week is January 18th, which for taxonomists is notable for two things: 1) it’s Thesaurus Day; and 2) it’s the birthday of Peter Mark Roget. This double occurrence is no coincidence. We may consider Doctor Roget to be the inventor of the thesaurus (or at least one of its pioneers), and a person whose birthday is cause for taxonomists’ celebration.

Raising a Glass to Rich and Complicated Words

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As we anticipate the approaching new Gregorian year, those of us who are taxonomists are looking forward with renewed anticipation to the taxonomic challenges that certain kinds of words bring. Take “glass”, for example. “Glass” is one of those words that contain an abundance of possible meanings. Ironically, this poses the potential for ambiguity. What makes this particular situation even more ironic is that this ambiguity clouds the very clarity that the word often symbolizes. Ambiguous words are tricky to work with in constructing and developing taxonomies and thesauri. Moreover, they make the writing of effective indexing rules challenging. Taking care in the crafting of those rules becomes all the more important, because of the need for disambiguation.