Where to Start?

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The Library of Congress started taking steps in 2010 toward preserving the nation’s increasingly digital heritage — by acquiring Twitter’s entire archive of tweets […]

Twitter Usage Continues to Grow

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Twitter continues to grow in usage and in data, personal data. More than 400 million tweets take place each day, which is up from 340 million just one month ago. Interestingly, the majority of Twitter users are mobile.

Traditional Media Still Hanging On

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Despite the predictions of many, the death of traditional media may not have arrived, just yet. The latest Ipsos Mendelsohn survey of affluent Americans reveals less than 20% of “rich” Americans have embraced newer technologies.

The Pope Tweets

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Times have definitely changed and it has never been more apparent than the latest news of the Pope tweeting. Yes, you read that correctly. Pope Benedict XVI tweeted for the first time today, the Vatican has confirmed.

Canadian Government Embracing Social Media

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The Canadian Government will combine Identity technologies with social media to enable their Open Government 2.0 strategy – Enterprise 2.0 - and it will be available to the public.

Social Indexing’s Future

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The term “like” has taken on a whole new meaning since the advent of Facebook, and subsequently new concepts followed this popularity. Enter “social indexing.”

Online Reputation Monitoring Tool Released

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SAS has a new tool that allows companies to monitor social network conversations related to their brand and more actively manage their online reputation. This “fly on the wall” Conversation Centre tool is scheduled to be released in May and will be an addition to their Social Network Analysis (SNA) software.

Twitter’s Ad Revenue Soars

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Recent reports predict a bright future for Twitter and their ad revenue. The social-networking site is predicted to earn nearly three times the revenue growth as compared to 2010.

Filtering Twitter Noise with Kosmix

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New product filters the gazillion daily Tweets into a digestible amount.