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Bringing Smart Data Into Play

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Smart data is hardly new to the information management world. However it just might have finally reached the point of acceptance. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting […]

Just Too Much

The concept of information overload has long a been a reality, even before the digital age. It was first attributed to Professor Bertram Gross […]

Educational Opportunity This Week

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“Artificial General Intelligence – When Can I Get It?” is the name of the webinar scheduled for Thursday, February 9th at 2:00 p.m. EST […]

Cognitive Computing Used to Fight Dementia

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Genomics is identifying the factors that makes some people more susceptible to Alzheimer’s and other aging-related cognitive impairments. Regardless of the root cause, dementias are usually […]

Cognitive Computing in Daily Life

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Cognitive computing is slowly becoming part of mainstream business culture since IBM’s introduction to Watson in 2011. The computing system built to compete against […]

The Future of Cognitive Computing

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Cognitive computing has been the focus for the past few years and the entire data industry is focused on what the future holds for […]

Mark Your Calendars Today

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DATAVERSITY is launching a new conference dedicated to Graph Databases and Technologies. Graphorum will be held in Redwood City, California on January 30 – February […]

Using Cognitive Computing in Healthcare

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A new population health management tool has been released by ODH and IBM Watson Health to help managed care groups. Healthcare DIVE brought this information […]

Machine Learning is a Popular Commodity

Apple has recently purchased the machine-learning startup, Turi. Fortune magazine brought this interesting news to us in their article, “Apple Buys a Machine-Learning Startup For a […]

Weird is Good

If you have been reading this blog very long, you know I like sharing unusual and “weird” taxonomies. I like it for the humor […]