Data Governance At Play

There is a lot of discussion happening about data governance these days. Data governance is the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security […]

The Future of Libraries

There has been much speculation over the past few decades as technology evolves and reality-changing technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and well, e-readers, […]

Mastering the Subjects

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Creating a taxonomy often begins with input from subject matter experts (SMEs) and by evaluating other taxonomies or thesauri already being used in the […]

1776 Was A Leap Year

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The United States will celebrate its Independence Day –  July 4th – this week. Fireworks, parades, cookouts, music–the typical content of a 4th of July celebration. It’s […]

Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Analyzed?

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Relationships can be challenging at best. Relationships with family, friends and people in general contain facets and dynamics that are evolving and often contentious. […]

Happy Father’s Day

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We celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, so it felt appropriate to share an article written several years ago for this blog about the “father of […]