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Melody K. Smith has provided organizational, social media and digital communication services to a large non-profit for the past seventeen years. Prior to that she championed employee engagement and communications in the healthcare field. She holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing. When not wrangling and writing TaxoDiary content for your reading pleasure, Melody writes fiction, rescues dogs and throws legendary dinner parties.

Manufactured Data

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Organizations committed to data driven decision making often share common concerns about privacy, data integrity, and a lack of sufficient data. Synthetic data allows […]

Understanding the Impact and Potential of AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can be transformative for businesses, but the increased use of the technology inevitably leads to a higher rate of AI system […]

Getting Personal with AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) brings with it a promise of genuine human-to-machine interaction. When machines become intelligent, they can understand requests, connect data points, and […]

Learning About Green Technology

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2023 will be a pivotal year for organizations as technologies emerge and advance and 5G enables innovation and revolutionary models of connectivity. There will […]

A Peek Into Peer Review

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Trust is important in any industry. When it comes to publishing scientific and academic journals, it couldn’t be more important. The Scholarly Kitchen brought […]

Cloud and Emerging Tech

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It is no secret that the success of any enterprise is highly dependent on the satisfaction of its clients in the digital age. They […]

Data Science and AI

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The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and its Data Science Institute have launched Transform, a new accelerator for startup companies focused on the breakthrough […]

Deep Technology

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Regardless of how much data artificial intelligence (AI) has made available, there will always be hidden problems in real-world deployments. Unfortunately, socially situated learning […]

Governing AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) governance is the idea that there should be a legal framework for ensuring that machine learning technologies are well researched and developed with the […]