March 2019

Taxonomy: Where to Start?

By |March 18th, 2019

When you hear the word taxonomy, you may be thinking about grouping, defining, and naming animals and plants based on their shared characteristics. This […]

Bad Data

By |March 21st, 2019

In a world of big data, bad data is becoming more and more common. Part of the issue is fueled by the technology we […]

Not All AI is Over the Top

By |March 21st, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have spent a lot of time and effort trying to build machines that look like humans and operate largely independently […]

Pharmacognosy is Making Content Findable

By |March 21st, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry is finding natural products a source of chemical and biological inspiration.¬†Science Trends brought this interesting topic to us in their article, […]

Machine Learning Used to Analyze Large Amounts of Data

By |March 20th, 2019

Researchers at A*STAR have been comparing data analysis processes to find one that can deliver in terms of speed, quality of analysis and reliability. […]

AI Used to Improve Life

By |March 20th, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in many different applications and their expanse is growing almost as much as the benefits it can provide. In […]

Alexa, What is IoT?

By |March 20th, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or even people that are provided […]

Digital From Birth

By |March 19th, 2019

Digital technology is a staple in education these days, and not just higher education. Kindergartners are being introduced to technological learning aids through the […]

Deep Learning At the Center of Interest

By |March 19th, 2019

Interest in deep learning has skyrocketed in recent months and years. What exactly is deep learning and how does it relate to information technology?¬†Information […]