Data analytics

Transformations All Around

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Digital transformation is not unique to one type of business or industry. Healthcare, legal, science, and finance industries are experiencing the change and evolution […]

Big Data Analytics

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More and more technology organizations are developing products for designing, implementing and deploying big data analytics models. Venture Beat brought this interesting topic to […]

Data Tells Stories, and More

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Data analytics tells stories, gives insights and provides a foundation for strategic decisions. It can also save lives. This interesting information came to us […]

Managing the Data Safely

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Data is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Businesses, governments and other organizations are unlocking value by turning everyday information into actionable insights. Analytics Insight brought […]

Analytics and Data Governance Go Hand in Hand

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There is no point in gathering and collecting data if you aren’t planning to analyze it. Unfortunately, forty-two percent of data and analytics leaders do not […]

Big Data and Viruses

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has brought advanced big data analytics tools front and center. Health IT Analytics brought this topic to […]

Finding the Story in the Data

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Rule number one in communications is finding the story. All good stories are made better with data as reinforcement. Data and facts support statements […]

Managing Data Governance Effectively

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The continuous push and pull of new regulations, projects and analytics investments create constant disruption for organizations. The volume of data created and managed […]

Data Science 101

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Data science feels like a generic term used by people who really don’t know what it is and assume it is a group of […]

Tug of War Over Data Processing Sites

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Data analytics isn’t new but demand has never been greater. Analytics give insight for strategy and business decisions on an unparallelled line of vision. […]