Data analytics

The Importance of Data Strategy

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The volume of market data, historical prices and transactional data that is stored in disparate systems allows organizations to not only collect the data, […]

Data Science’s Journey

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Data science feels like a generic term used by people who really don’t know what it is and assumes it is a group of […]

What Augmented Analytics Offers and Lacks

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Augmented analytics automates data insight by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to automate data preparation and enable data sharing. This manipulation and presentation of […]

Data Analytics in a Pandemic

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has brought advanced big data analytics tools front and center. Health IT Analytics brought this topic to […]

Data Governance in a New Digital World

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The coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things and there are certainly more lessons to be learned as we continue to navigate through this […]

Valuable Data to Protect

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These are unprecedented times. Organizations around the globe are implementing remote work processes and protocols. This is great to slow the coronavirus outbreak, but […]

BI and Analytics In Your Strategy

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Data analytics and business intelligence tools are evolving at a rapid pace. However, is the average business stakeholder aware of the significant impact data […]

Improving the Database Relationship

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Graph analytics is an emerging form of data analysis that works particularly well with complex relationships. It involves moving data points and relationships between data […]

What Analytics Can Do For You

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Analytics are like gifts. Data is everywhere, shedding light on all aspects of life. Analyzing that data enables retailers to know what’s selling and who’s […]

AI Changes Customer Dynamics

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The 21st century has brought us some amazing advancements. The breadth and width of the data and the story that data can tell is […]