Digging Into the Data

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Data has stories to tell. Those stories, when told right, have the potential to yield significant benefits in informational analysis. This interesting topic came […]

Finding the Value

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Data has been compared to many valuable things and though this isn’t wrong, at the end of the day data is classified as an […]

The Sciences of Data

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Data science feels like a generic term used by people who really don’t know what it is and assumes it is a group of […]

Understanding the Security Terms

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Taxonomies, categories, classifications – whatever term you use – are all designed to provide order and hierarchy. This is true regardless of the topic or the […]

Data’s Story

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The 21st century has brought us some amazing advancements. The breadth and width of data and the stories that data can tell is unbelievable. This […]

The Science of Data

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The actuarial profession used to look at predictive analytics skills as the next best thing. A data scientist was a valuable contribution to the […]

Integrity in Research

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The five Hong Kong Principles (HKPs) focus on improving research integrity by rewarding researchers for certain behaviors: responsible research practices; transparent reporting; open science (open research); […]

AI in Learning

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is in all the headlines these days. The various uses of AI include facial recognition, personal assistants and self-driving cars, plus […]

Using AI and Analytics

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has brought advanced big data analytics tools front and center. Health IT Analytics brought this topic to […]

On Demand Professional Development

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The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) is making it even easier for communications professionals to learn about timely topics and recent developments in scholarly […]