Modernizing the Clouds with AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud modernization were a main focus at the Get Cloud Smart: The Art of the Possible event hosted by MeriTalk […]

The Misinformation Around Print and Digital

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As digital content continues to rise in popularity over the years, it is assumed that convenience and cost are the main drivers. Some professionals believe […]

Recruiting New Taxonomists

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A group of scientists known as taxonomists are responsible for the discovery and naming of new species. It is at the core of our […]

Utilizing Ontologies

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Business languages are different based on your product. Navigating insider language is often like writing code. A language is critical to being able to communicate […]

Finding Value

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The theme of this year’s Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) pre-conference at APE 2019 in Berlin, is Bringing Value in Academic Publishing: Practical Solutions for […]

Reckless Use of a Thesaurus

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Thesaurus has many different meanings. In most homes or businesses it is used to improve vocabulary and add clarity to grammar. It is literally […]