Ethics and AI

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The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) always conjures up visions from Hollywood and science fiction, but it also tickles that part of our brain that […]

Information Science During a Pandemic

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In the pursuit of effective treatments for COVID-19, many technologies are being explored, including machine learning algorithms. This interesting news came to us from Health […]

Data Analytics Forever Changed

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The global pandemic has disrupted many things: healthcare, education, home life and the hospitality industry, to name a few. This topic came to us from […]

Taxonomist & Browse Developer Opportunity

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, indexing, semantic technology, ontology, etc., we are sharing career opportunities that we find with our […]

Investing in Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing offers many benefits. A strategic investment in enterprise cloud applications can help your organization adapt to change, reduce time to market and […]

Knowledge Graph and Data Management

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Conventional data management capabilities are ill-equipped to handle the increasingly challenging data demands given the volume and speed at which data is created. And […]

Technology at Home

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Terms like “artificial intelligence” (AI), “machine learning” and “natural language processing” (NLP) are more common than ever before. But how many people actually know […]

Science and Race

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Earlier this year a task force organized by the American Institute of Physics released the results of a study into why African American students are persistently under-represented […]

Financial Industry Looking for Consistency

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A new handbook outlining standards for the financial technology (fintech) sector has been released in an effort to unify regulators, policy makers and stakeholders. This […]

Emerging Tech and Search

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Speech recognition is an emerging technology that still stumps some people. Speech or voice recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive […]