Marketing Strategy Takes New Approach

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Marketing strategy is being responsive to the digital changes presented in creative and science-based ways. Digital Insurance brought us this interesting information in their […]

AI’s Role in Our Lives

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the front lines of so much these days. From helping in the global fight against COVID-19 to improving manufacturing to […]

The Types of Learning

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Machine learning is common across most industries these days. What is new is supervised learning. Analytics Insight brought this interesting information to us in their […]

Automation or AI?

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To understand the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has on market research, it is first important to be clear about what exactly AI is […]

Language Challenges from COVID-19

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2020 brought us unprecedented events, challenges and words. Inspired Traveler brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “COVID-19, the word of […]

Technology and Climate Change

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There has been some concerns that cloud computing is contributing to climate change. Data center workloads, powered by the rise in cloud computing, may […]

The Evolution of Libraries

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Libraries have always been there to provide support – for customers, students, faculty and the public. As technology changes and needs evolve, have the […]

Getting Deep in Learning

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Deep learning algorithms have become a part of our daily lives, at work and at home. Tech Talks brought this topic to us in […]

Technology Job Market After the Pandemic

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Job growth had an outlier impacting the research in 2020 known as COVID-19, but nevertheless, recent research claims that the number of technology job listings […]

Creating Action from Data

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The simplest definition of data science is the extraction of actionable insights from raw data. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that is possessed by […]