AI Has Failures Too

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can do a lot of things – analyze data 100 times faster than humans, scan radiology images to diagnose deadly diseases […]

Adopting Emerging Technology is Lacking

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According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of all innovation projects find success within their organizations. The survey was geared toward uncovering how executives discover and […]

AI Used in Diagnosing COVID-19

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly finding new applications and ways to enhance our lives through automation, analysis and data processing. With the rapid growth […]

Data Analytics in a Pandemic

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has brought advanced big data analytics tools front and center. Health IT Analytics brought this topic to […]

Deep Dive in Learning

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Deep learning is finding new ways to be of benefit to users. This artificial intelligence (AI) function imitates the workings of the human brain in processing […]

Data Governance in a New Digital World

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The coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things and there are certainly more lessons to be learned as we continue to navigate through this […]

Blockchain as an Emerging Technology

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Technology is an ever-changing playing field and those wanting to remain at the helm of innovation have to adapt. The consumer is charting a […]

Consistency Enables Findability

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The professionals who work to uncover security vulnerabilities in hardware must find a common language for categorizing them. That is the entire purpose of […]

Manager of Navigation Career Opportunity

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, indexing, semantic technology, ontology, etc., we are sharing career opportunities that we find with our […]

Technology and Humanity

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There is no denying that technology has penetrated every facet of our lives. But at what cost and for what impact? This interesting topic […]