Executive Order Supports AI

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The United States President is expected to sign an executive order asking federal government agencies to dedicate more resources and investment into research, promotion […]

The Fundamentals of Love

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it has got us thinking about love and the origins of love. This interesting topic came to us from […]

Going Digital

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Remember when digital scanners were the latest and greatest? Well, maybe they still are. State Tech magazine brought this interesting information to our attention […]

If You Liked That, You Might Like This

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Semantic marketing is everywhere. Brands like Facebook, YouTube and others know our preferences and are able to provide us with personalized original content due […]

AI and Data Management

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Science is witnessing the biggest growth and production of data in history. Approximately 2.5 million scientific journal articles are published a year around the […]

Machine Learning, Taxonomies and Career Placement

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It is always interesting to see how technology, especially new technology, is being used by organizations. One of the more interesting ones is that […]

New Mashup Results in Better Discoverability

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The powerful combination of linked data and semantics has the potential to unlock anything from regulatory compliance to new communication channels. Information Age brought […]

New and Old Challenges

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Semantic technology has been around for awhile, but is still finding its place among the technology world.┬áSemantic technology uses formal semantics to give meaning […]

Data Transparency’s Value

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In all the various occupations, engineers are at or near the top of the list of being data junkies. They are analytical by nature. […]

AI University

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More than 100 engineers from about a dozen big privately held companies that Google’s Alphabet invests in gathered at a┬áthree-day machine learning boot camp […]