Digital, Data and Transformation

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Big data is no longer new and not the same beast it once was. It has evolved to become the driver of digital insights […]

Machine Learning in Healthcare Technology

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The healthcare industry is constantly looking for more technology solutions, especially in this post-COVID world. BetaKit brought this topic to our attention in their […]

Understanding Data Science

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The simplest definition of data science is the extraction of actionable insights from raw data. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that is possessed by […]

Prolific Data

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Data is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Businesses, governments and other organizations are unlocking value by turning everyday information into actionable insights. Analytics Insight brought […]

AI Hits Milestone

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Recently, a supercomputer proved powerful enough to hold its own in live debates with humans. This is a milestone and opens the door to […]

Data Storage Woes

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Data and the need for storage is not a new challenge. Indexing it in a way findability is expedient is important and again, not […]

AI and Society

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to be even more obvious and integrated into our lives than ever before. Does this make the creation of […]

Data Quality Has Never Been More Important

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is key to progress on screening, identifying and researching promising vaccine candidates against COVID-19. The usefulness of AI tools, not surprisingly, […]

Big and Unruly Data

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Real world big data are largely dynamic, interconnected and unstructured text. To transform such massive unstructured data into structured knowledge is a common goal. […]

Two Sides of the Technology Coin

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The world of business is rapidly changing with new challenges presenting themselves daily for organizations to overcome. Companies face evolving stakeholder needs, uncertain economic […]