Using Analytics in Higher Ed

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Analytics is used in a higher education environment to analyze various collected data points to gain insight and make informed decisions about complex issues. Specific areas include […]

Data Security and Privacy in AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) models that are built on consumer data must also be built with data privacy in mind. It is understandable that some […]

Navigating the Digital Age

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It is no secret that the success of any enterprise is highly dependent on the satisfaction of its clients in the digital age. Customers […]

Taxonomy and Classification

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Understanding taxonomies and how they are used can be challenging, depending on the context and audience. The Accidental Taxonomist brought this interesting topic to […]

Accessibility in the Digital and Publishing World

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Digital accessibility refers to how usable a website, app, or other digital experience is by all possible users, regardless of their economic status, ability, or […]

Driving Digital Careers

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Employment and the lack of available employees is a common topic these days. The national unemployment rate in the United States is currently at […]

Using the Intelligence of Data

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2022 was another busy year for data management, as the demand for enhanced approaches for optimized data usage to drive better business outcomes continued […]

The AI Family

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Machine learning and data science are two separate concepts that are related to the field of artificial intelligence (AI), but both rely on data. This […]

Embracing the Digital Transformation

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The World Economic Forum and the Digital Cooperation Organization have launched a collaboration – the Digital FDI Initiative – to identify the biggest challenges […]