Semantic Search and AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) includes intelligent devices that are capable of thought and also respond with human-like action and articulation. Semantic search is an information searching method […]

Encryption Might Be the Key

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Maintaining the security of your data can be a challenge. If you already use encryption as the method of security, you know it can […]

Types of Search

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In the last six years, visual search market revenue has increased 29% year-over-year. So what exactly is visual search? Forbes brought us this interesting […]

Healthcare Explores Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology is being looked at by many as the solution for data security concerns. Those in healthcare are doing more than just looking. […]

Analytics for Entrepreneurs

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Operating in the business world is a gamble for everyone. For entrepreneurs, the decision making is even more important and needs to be informed […]

Digitization and Analytics

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Digitization is necessary if an organization wants to move to the next level of production and efficiency. Manual processes need to be converted into […]

Gender Equity in Science

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This past week marked an important celebration and no, I don’t mean Valentine’s Day. Tuesday, February 11th was International Day of Women and Girls in […]

Data Analytics in 2020

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Data analytics and business intelligence tools are evolving at a rapid pace. However, is the average business stakeholder aware of the significant impact data […]

Monitoring for Retaliative Cyberattacks

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned us of Iran’s ability to carry out cyberattacks with disruptive effects against critical U.S. infrastructure. This important news came […]

Using AI to Restore Historical Materials

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With the new advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) causing excitement and revisited fears, it is nice to discover something that is innocuous but nice […]