Language Challenges from COVID-19

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2020 brought us unprecedented events, challenges and words. Inspired Traveler brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “COVID-19, the word of […]

COVID-19 and Research

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Extensive research reveals assumptions not all completely realized with regard to COVID-19’s impact on academic research and publishing. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this interesting […]

Data Integrity Is Always Important

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The integrity of data has never been more important. If you can’t trust the data in a pandemic, crisis has taken on an entirely […]

Data Governance in 2021

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Data governance is the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal data standards and policies that also control data usage. […]

AI Controlling Traffic

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Car accidents all too often lead to fatalities. Even during the pandemic-driven restrictions on movement, they continued around the world. However, if you look […]

Attacks From All Sides

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Over the past year, the coronavirus has managed to take the lives of over 500,000 of people. With the population focused on the virus, […]

Implementing Data Governance

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A data governance framework is critical to any organization that uses analytics as part of its decision-making process. Tech Target brought us this interesting […]

Record Retention in Remote Working Settings

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Record retention strategies have never been more important in this world of digital transformation, especially as so many employees are now working remotely. The […]

Machine Learning Used to Identify COVID-19 Treatment

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When the COVID-19 pandemic initially struck, healthcare professionals rushed to find effective treatments. However, since developing new drugs takes time and time was at […]

Open Source Expects Growth

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Open source is a term used to describe computer programs with their source code available for everyone to study. The open source software development […]