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Unstructured Data are the Black Sheep

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Unstructured data is information in many different forms that doesn’t fit conventional data models and therefore typically isn’t a good fit for a mainstream […]

Predictive Analytics from Historical Data

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Data is necessary to feed algorithms and to produce analytics, but avoid falling into the trap of simply collecting and storing more data. You […]

Bringing the Information to Everyone

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Elsevier recently announced the launch of Entellect, a new cloud-based data platform designed to help life sciences companies overcome the challenges of modern research and […]

Data Science, Self-Serve Style

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Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is new to the business community. The data science community is concerned that professional business users, however educated, may misunderstand […]

The Value of Taxonomies and Ontologies

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As the world of technology and data management changes and machine learning advances, there is a renewed interest in the value taxonomies and ontologies […]

Data Security and AI

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R9B is a provider of cybersecurity products and services. Recently, they announced a strategic partner investment into Champion Technology. PRNewswire brought this interesting information to […]

AI Helps to Find the Data

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Data is the key ingredient for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies continue to mature and they are generating vast amounts of […]

Taxonomies Make Content Findable

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The pharmaceutical industry continues to find natural products a source of chemical and biological inspiration. Science Trends brought this interesting topic to us in their […]