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Machine Learning Might Get a New Buddy

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Scientists working with quantum computing are especially excited with the idea of integrating the quantum world with machine learning. Despite all their achievements, machine learning […]

Data Management For Everyone

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Data is key to so many things. It is the most important asset for a business. It provides insights into business trends and customer […]

Solving Data Quality Challenges

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Data quality is a constant challenge for any data governance strategic plan. Often, a data governance team is built to ensure data will be handled […]

Unlocking Data

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The powerful combination of linked data and semantics has the potential to unlock anything from regulatory compliance to new communication channels. Information Age brought […]

Connecting the Data

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Data is definitely expanding exponentially, but it might not be the critical situation many predict. This interesting topic came to us from Gigabit in their […]

Data Governance, Catalogs and Lakes

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New products are focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) add-ons that help automate some aspects of data governance. Tech Target brought this […]

Finding the Right Balance on Compliance

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With the proliferation of data being produced, there should be no surprise that companies today are overwhelmed with data. The real-time connectivity provided by […]

Internet of Our Things

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All around us are machines with sensors connecting, collecting, and coordinating our lives. These internet of things (IoT) interact with people, homes, factories, offices, retailers, cities, farms, […]

Riding the Digital Transformation Wave

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Digital transformation is the new vogue word in technology. While the exact definition varies depending upon who is talking about it, the basic notion […]

Taxonomy Educational Opportunities at SLA 2019

By |January 22nd, 2019|Access Insights, News|2 Comments

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) Taxonomy Division is pleased to present several educational sessions at the SLA 2019 Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio this […]