What Data Can Tell You

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Data and analytics have proven beneficial in all industries. In healthcare, they are predicting appropriate testing based on symptoms from past cases; in weather, […]

The Dark Side of Data

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Dark data is defined as unquantified and untapped data, and up to two-thirds of IT and business managers say half their data is dark. […]

Digging Into the Data

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Data has stories to tell. Those stories, when told right, have the potential to yield significant benefits in informational analysis. This interesting topic came […]

Finding the Value

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Data has been compared to many valuable things and though this isn’t wrong, at the end of the day data is classified as an […]

Semantic Caching and Data

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Semantic caching is a technique that integrates support for associative access into an architecture based on data-shipping. It can be very attractive for use in […]

Machine Learning Engineer Opportunity

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, machine learning, semantic technology, ontology, etc., we are sharing career opportunities that we find with […]

MIT Report Reveals Insights Into Data Infrastructures

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A recent report by MIT Technology Review Insights examines how chief data officers and heads of analytics at leading organizations are building data infrastructures, […]

Business Intelligence from Data

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There has been an explosion of data as more and more devices are producing more and more data at home and at in the […]

Digital, Data and Chaos

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We thought we were operating in a highly digital world and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. More things are done digitally now than ever […]

The Currency of Business

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TopQuadrant is a provider of data governance solutions using knowledge graph technologies. They have released a flagship product, TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) 6.3, […]