Emerging technologies

Emerging Technologies Now and Tomorrow

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Even with the evolution of emerging technologies, memory remains one of the most critical technologies for enabling continued advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Technology and Climate

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Emerging technologies are being used to fight climate change. This isn’t new. We have spoken about and shared that news many times. However, the […]

Careers in Emerging Tech are Growing

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Machine learning solutions can be considered a subdivision of artificial intelligence (AI), with multiple machine learning algorithms combined to create AI. Together, they are […]

AI Today

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and their applications continue to grow and evolve. AI technologies are now being deployed across almost every industry and sector, […]

Transforming Diplomacy with Technology

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Emerging technologies are transforming everything – governments, businesses and citizens. Critical infrastructure, financial systems and communication methods are moving to be more decentralized. New […]

Emerging Technologies and Society

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Technology innovation is critical to all kinds of businesses around the world and greatly impacts our society. In fact, we are living in one […]

Using Emerging Technologies Against Us

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When it comes to cyber threats, especially phishing, the nefarious characters know that the more data they’re able to harvest about an individual, the […]

Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow

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Everything has an expiration date. We move ahead as a civilization leaving behind everything that doesn’t evolve, time and efficiency being the judge and […]

Emerging Tech and Analytics

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A handful of accelerating technology trends are poised to transform the very nature of insurance. In auto insurance, risk will shift from drivers to the […]

Digital and Emerging Technologies

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Digital twins are not artificial intelligence (AI)-created robots, though that could be the next science fiction movie plot. A digital twin is a virtual […]