Emerging technologies

Creative Finances?

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When someone uses the word “imagination” or “creative” when it comes to financial matters, I get a little nervous. Bookkeeping feels pretty straightforward. However, […]

Digital Transformation in Finance

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Digital transformation is not unique to one type of business or industry. Healthcare, legal, science and finance are experiencing the change and evolution that […]

Handling the Growing Technology Demands

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Digital transformation was well underway before the pandemic hit in early 2020. Healthcare was certainly the most affected, but there were high demands for […]

Ethics in Emerging Tech

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Businesses are required to follow regulatory and legal requirements related to their product and process. Where does ethical requirements come into the picture? CIO Dive […]

AI Boundaries

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is taking hold across personal and professional applications in a multitude of use cases. The plethora of data […]

Emerging Technologies in Rehab

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Imagine a technology that can take your imagined speech and translate your brain signals into synthesized speech of that same word or sentence. This […]

Document Management in HR

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Technology has changed every business, offering enhanced services and results. One area of business that has seen unique benefits from emerging technologies is Human […]

2021 and AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning were hot topics in 2020 as emerging technologies increasingly found their way into every part of our lives […]

Seek Professionals in your Technology Development

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Emerging technologies is no longer a new term. Though the term appears to be self-explanatory, there are many lists being created and shared that […]

AI Used to Identify Symptoms of Alzheimers

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Artificial intelligence (AI) could soon help screen for Alzheimer’s disease by analyzing writing. The New York Times shred this news in their article, “Alzheimer’s Prediction […]