Machine Learning, Taxonomies and Career Placement

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It is always interesting to see how technology, especially new technology, is being used by organizations. One of the more interesting ones is that […]

Art Used in Science Classification

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This exciting information may not be interesting to everyone but those in the classification and taxonomy world understand its significance, or they should. Forbes […]

Taxonomy and Pharmacy

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The pharmaceutical industry continues to find natural products a source of chemical and biological inspiration. Science Trends brought this interesting topic to us in their […]

Taxonomy Design and Creation Workshop at SLA 2019

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We recently shared with you some taxonomy educational opportunities available at this year’s Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2019 Conference in Cleveland.

There is one more […]

Technology and Morality

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The human sense of responsibility has been under scrutiny since the beginning of time. Interest in responsibility has crossed domains as diverse as moral […]

The Artificial Intelligence Family

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new. Many applications being utilized today have incorporated AI  into their technology. This will likely not be changing anytime […]

Taxonomy Educational Opportunities at SLA 2019

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The Special Libraries Association (SLA) Taxonomy Division is pleased to present several educational sessions at the SLA 2019 Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio this […]