Machine learning

Computers vs. Humans in Reasoning

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Humans throughout history have been the entity that had the ability to reason abstractly about events as they unfold. No matter how instinctive animals […]

IBM’s AI System Automates Chemical Synthesis

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IBM has a new automated system for performing chemical synthesis. The complex system is based upon technology they started developing three years ago. It uses artificial intelligence […]

Machine Learning and Language

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The meaning of words can often be ambiguous, especially to those whose first language is not English. This also can pose a challenge with […]

Machine Learning’s Contributions to Biomedical Science

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While the direct goal of biological modeling is to describe data, it ultimately aims to find ways of fixing systems and enhancing understanding of […]

Machine Learning and Infertility

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has applications in every part of life, both personal and professional. We already recognize its contributions to the healthcare arena, but […]

Machine Learning and Marketing

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Machine learning is part of most everyone’s daily lives. At work or at home, which can be the same these days, there is a […]

Real Data

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When I say “synthetic” you might think of oil or fabric, but this article is about data. This information came to us from Unite.Ai […]

Inside Predictive Analytics

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Big data forecasting is not new. Scientists have been assembling and managing huge data sets with the goal of understanding everything from the spread […]

Data Science at Work

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Even for some in the business, it feels like artificial intelligence (AI) functions and machine learning tasks happen behind the scenes in a magical […]

Learning Deeper

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Deep learning algorithms have become a part of our daily lives, at work and at home. Tech Talks brought this topic to us in […]