Machine learning

Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow

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Why is it 2021 and we are still explaining the differences between artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning and other emerging technologies? Datamation […]

First Things First

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Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) based on the idea that […]

Machine Learning Used in Diagnostic Measures

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Researchers from the UK recently developed a real-time machine learning framework that uses dynamic patient contact networks to predict hospital-onset COVID-19 infections at the […]

Finding the Data

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Machine learning applications have the potential to transform business strategy in a significant way. They are showing up in obvious and not so obvious […]

Understanding Who You Are Chatting With

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Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are right on the front lines of AI and human intelligence. Different kinds of AI bots are built to do […]

Predictive Analytics Uses Big Data to Look Forward With Critical Sight

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The term big data is no longer new. This data that contains greater variety, arriving in increasing volumes and with more velocity has for […]

AI, Healthcare and Research

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Medical researchers continue to become more and more interested in artificial intelligence’s (AI) potential to improve healthcare. Becker’s Health IT brought this interesting information […]

The Evolution of Search

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Google has announced plans for a search that combines images and text to give more context to search queries. The method can use a […]

The Goals of AI

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NVIDIA are the creators of the leading graphics processing technology on the market as well as a leader in the areas of artificial intelligence […]

Behind Deep Learning

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Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks. Originating in […]