Data quality

Implementing Data Governance

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A data governance framework is critical to any organization that uses analytics as part of its decision-making process. Tech Target brought us this interesting […]

Governing Your Data For Quality

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There is no point in gathering and collecting data if you aren’t planning to analyze it. Unfortunately, forty-two percent of data and analytics leaders do not […]

Making Data Useable

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Data has never been more valuable to an organization. However, it is only as valuable as the integrity and quality of the data. Are […]

Data Quality is Still #1

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is key to progress on screening, identifying and researching promising vaccine candidates against COVID-19. The usefulness of AI tools, not surprisingly, […]

Data Quality in Strategy

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The volume of market data, historical prices and transactional data that is stored in disparate systems allows organizations to not only collect the data, […]

Data Governance and Quality

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Strong data governance is key to any data management strategy. A data governance policy will set standards for privacy and access to data, which […]

Data Informs Strategy

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It has never been more important to make informed choices within an organization and the first place you should look for that insight is […]

Data Quality is Important

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Businesses rely on collecting and analyzing data. It gives them insights into trends and customer behaviors – a crystal ball of sorts. However in […]

Protection of Data

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There is no argument, data is currently the single most valuable asset that any organization owns, regardless of its size or segment of business. […]