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Facing the Hurdles of Big Data

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Melissa is a provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions. Their informatics division, Melissa Informatics, is advancing on the expectations of big […]

Culture in Data Governance

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Data as an asset is important to organizations and more and more are realizing its value. Data governance is key because of the role […]

Using Taxonomies to Manage AI

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The government continues to increase its adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), but they should be sure to take the time it needs to train […]

Machine Learning Working to Improve Data Quality

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Data quality has always been important and that continues to be fact. However, because business data requires thorough cleansing and preparation to be used […]

Access and Trust Go Hand in Hand

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Data governance is a key part of any digital transformation plan. For success, it is important to lead with governance tools. Tech Target brought this […]

Managing the Data Management

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Data management bring with it a certain level of struggle that typically only those working in IT understand. Between limited resources and changing and […]

Data Quality as a Priority

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Data quality is a difficult and often challenging task for many organizations. A recent study found that only 3 percent found that their departments […]

Adding Quality to the Data

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What do you call poor data hygiene? Bad BI? Machine learning is being used to clean up data management protocols. This interesting topic came […]

Managing Data and Money

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Data is money. Managing money and data takes information. A recent study by MIT found big data is costing money to fix bad data. This information was brought to […]

Data Quality is a Constant Challenge

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Data access, quality and integration are present across industries and one constant are the challenges data professionals navigate in order to actually analyze the […]