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AI and Emerging Tech

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There is growing concern that the trend toward emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a divide. Computer scientists say AI research is becoming increasingly […]

AI Used in the Training of Service Dogs

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New applications for artificial intelligence (AI) technology is being discovered every day. One of the latest is how AI is being utilized to train […]

Behind the AI

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Even though artificial intelligence (AI) is a common term in every line of business and location, i.e. home and business, most people in the tech […]

Emerging Technologies Role in Business

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Many types of businesses are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in their business operations – including financial and marketing facets. Recently, Prudential […]

Emerging Technologies Role in the Future of Business

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Emerging technologies is a term being thrown a lot these days. Though the term appears to be self-explanatory, there are many lists being created […]

AI and Semantic Search

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AlphaSense is the leading artificial intelligence (AI)-based search engine for market intelligence, enabling investment firms and corporations to find the critical data points they need […]

Diversity in Tech and Experts

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New tech is challenging for any business. For the government, maybe a little more so. This interesting information came to our attention from Nextgov […]

AI and the Auto Industry

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated itself into every aspect of our business and personal lives. So it should be no surprise that it is […]

AI For Some

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Likened to the socio-economic status of those who have certain benefits and privileges and those who don’t, the technological world is quickly becoming divided […]

AI Technology in Layers

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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning are all terms often used interchangeably, despite their differences. You can think of deep learning, machine […]