Artificial intelligence

AI and Search

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Semantic technology is a frequent topic of conversation in the information science world. Machine learning or semantic technology is the basis for most commercial […]

AI’s Benefits Continue to Accumulate

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has many proven benefits across various industries and in our lives, both professional and personal. A recent study from the University […]

Technology and Education

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Education is undergoing a lot of changes these days. Doors are closing, and online learning is getting all the attention and resulting in systems […]

The Fear of Technology

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is not about robots and automated human-like beings, or at least not just about that. This interesting information came to us from […]

AI, COVID-19 and Cloud Computing

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Two radiology professors and an engineer have teamed up to develop an alternative way to diagnose patients with COVID-19. They are using CT scan […]

Knowledge Management in a Data-Driven World

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Technologies that enable knowledge management cover a plethora of functions that affect all parts of our lives, at home and at work. From customer […]

Can AI Help with the Pandemic?

Executives from major technical giants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have been meeting to discuss their role in the coronavirus crisis. One of […]

Ethics and AI

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The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) always conjures up visions from Hollywood and science fiction, but it also tickles that part of our brain that […]

Technology at Home

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Terms like “artificial intelligence” (AI), “machine learning” and “natural language processing” (NLP) are more common than ever before. But how many people actually know […]

Emerging Tech is Making Waves

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Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can enable us to make more informed decisions without making the decisions for us. Business […]