Artificial intelligence

COVID-19’s Impact on Semantic Technology

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In a recently published study related to the semantic knowledge graphing market, the COVID-19 analysis section within the report offered timely insights regarding the […]

AI Centuries Ago

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the front lines of so much these days. From helping in the global fight against COVID-19 to improving manufacturing, AI […]

Deep or Machine Learning?

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Deep learning algorithms have become a part of our daily lives, at work and at home. Tech Talks brought this topic to us in […]

AI vs. Human Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular topic. It is used in a large amount of functions both at work, in science, and at home…to […]

Technology and Retail in a Pandemic

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Robots, digital signage tools and other gadgets are getting a new lease on life. Tech Republic brought this interesting topic to our attention in their […]

Storage and Scalability

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Often realizing the true potential of any technology requires time and space. Enterprises of all types are ramping up artificial intelligence (AI) and machine […]

Machine Learning and AI Featured at Build

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Microsoft’s Build developer conference went digital this year to bring users information about new tools and new learnings. Tech Crunch brought this news to […]

Machine Learning on Steroids

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Automated machine learning (AutoML) hasn’t completely replaced handcrafted algorithms, but it has made an impact. Datanami brought this interesting information to our attention in their […]

AI and Chatbots

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Amazon is testing the first commercial customer service chatbot to produce wholly original dialogue in real time using recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) […]

AI Has Failures Too

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can do a lot of things – analyze data 100 times faster than humans, scan radiology images to diagnose deadly diseases […]