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Cybersecurity At The Highest of Places

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Cybersecurity is important in all organizations, but when it comes to our nation’s safety, it should be priority number one. Bloomberg brought this interesting […]

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

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It was recently announced that CareerBuilder acquired Textkernel, a company focused on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and semantic technology designed for matching candidates […]

AI Software Engineer in R&D Opportunity

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, artificial intelligence, semantic technology, ontology, etc., we are sharing career opportunities that we find with […]

2019 Technological Opportunities

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Technology continues to impact our lives in new and surprising ways. What will 2019 bring in the form of emerging technologies to change life […]

Webinar: Hype or Value?

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The Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) is hosting a new educational webinar series in 2019 titled, “What is Hype and What […]

AI and Life Skills

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The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in industries, homes and personal lives is no longer new. Machine learning and AI in business strategies and […]

Executive Order Supports AI

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The United States President is expected to sign an executive order asking federal government agencies to dedicate more resources and investment into research, promotion […]

If You Liked That, You Might Like This

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Semantic marketing is everywhere. Brands like Facebook, YouTube and others know our preferences and are able to provide us with personalized original content due […]

AI and Data Management

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Science is witnessing the biggest growth and production of data in history. Approximately 2.5 million scientific journal articles are published a year around the […]

Humans and Digital Transformation

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Technology is embedded in our lives. For many people, they’re literally connected from the time they wake up til the time they go to […]