Artificial intelligence

Fear of Technology Continues

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is not about robots and automated human-like beings, or at least not just about that. This interesting information came to us from […]

It’s All Semantics

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Semantics is the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. There are a number of branches and subbranches of semantics. People can absolutely […]

AI and IT, Hand in Hand

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Can you imagine our world today without technology? We may complain about the automation and quickly point to computers as the source of all […]

Emerging Tech Used in Addressing COVID-19

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When the COVID-19 pandemic initially struck, healthcare professionals rushed to find effective treatments. However, since developing new drugs takes time and time was at […]

AI in Vaccine Development

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Researchers have recognized a similarity between the way the immune system deciphers a virus and the way people comprehend one another’s thinking through language. […]

Technology and Medical Research

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Since the pandemic arrived on the scene, researchers in the United States have been prioritizing projects to focus on COVID-19. This crisis has highlighted […]

Technology, Law and Bias

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Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can unfairly penalize certain segments of the population—especially women and minorities. Researchers and tech companies are figuring out how to […]

Different Learnings

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Deep learning isn’t new but there continues to be confusion around the difference between it and machine learning. We have discussed their similarities and […]

Finding the Value in AI

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It is hard to believe that there are still organizations who have not adopted some form of artificial intelligence (AI) but it is possible, […]

Technology Trends to Watch

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continue to be hot topics in 2021 as emerging technologies increasingly find their way into every part of […]