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The Misinformation Around Print and Digital

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As digital content continues to rise in popularity over the years, it is assumed that convenience and cost are the main drivers. Some professionals believe […]

Vulnerability in the Cloud

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The security of data stored in the cloud is becoming more tenuous. Cloud hacks are becoming increasingly prominent and problematic. This is causing concern […]

2019 Promises More Cyber Crime

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High-profile cyber breaches has been less common in recent months. Is it the frequency that has changed or the announcement of the event? Tech Crunch […]

Insidious Cybercrimes Surface

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While companies have been focusing on preventing hackers from stealing data or installing ransomware, a potentially more insidious threat is becoming increasingly common. Rather […]

Cyberattacks on News Media

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Cybercrime is at an all time, or at the very least, we are more aware of it than ever before. The New York Times […]

Blockchain Technology in Land Management

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Blockchain technology is certainly an ingenious invention. But it continues to evolve making it useful in a variety of applications. But many are still […]

Data Breach for Christmas

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In another frustrating headline, a hacker has stolen the personal details of over 500,000 San Diego Unified School District staff and students. Not exactly […]

Choosing the Right ECM

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The ability to access the correct version of a document or record is important. Content must be managed so that it is used to […]

Data Analytics Used in Fighting Cybercrime

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Data sharing and transparency across networks is important to equip IT teams against potential cyber security threats. However, ensuring that organizations develop a proper […]