Semantic Search Used in Research Consumption

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A London-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup raised $1 million in seed funding to develop automated “machine reading” programs that aim to digest and distill […]

Semantic Technology in Healthcare

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Health information technology is a booming business. A recent report shows paper-based records are being phased out at a rapid pace in healthcare, and […]

Supervisory Librarian Needed at the National Institute of Health

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To be as helpful as possible to those in the fields of taxonomy, library science, semantic technology, ontology, etc., we are sharing career opportunities that we find with […]

AI Designed to Assist

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Microsoft is going all in on artificial intelligence (AI) with a $25 million initiative to use it to build better technology for people with disabilities. This […]

In the Most Unusual of Ways

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in a variety of technological and every day applications. It is being utilized for a wide range of activities in […]

AI in the Brain

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Cognitive neuroscientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) networks to enhance the understanding of the human brain. This interesting information came to us from Xinhua Net […]

Capturing Ancient Medical Knowledge with Taxonomies

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A collaboration between a Chinese university and Elsevier is undertaking the momentous task of cataloguing traditional Chinese medical knowledge as global clinical practice increasingly […]

Will You Remember?

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When I say memories, your mind probably goes to childhood, marriages, births, vacations, etc. Fond or maybe traumatic events that have imprinted themselves into […]

Data Analytics for Healthcare

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The American Heart Association and the Duke Clinical Research Institute has partnered to try out machine-learning techniques to find new ways to analyze data […]