Edifecs has unveiled its Data Science Product Line with their flagship product, Smart Decisions. This is a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) platform combined with a Data Science app store. This interesting news came from Edifecs in their release, “Edifecs Launches Data Science Product Line; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technology.”

Smart Decisions brings deep analytics capabilities and ready-to-deploy applications to any healthcare legacy application and platform. This new collaboration grants easier access to machine learning and AI benefits.

Health information management has long struggled with how to utilize machine learning and AI to benefit their products and organizations. This is one easy, cost-effective way for health plans and providers to deploy machine learning and AI’s deep analytics benefits, including improved workflows, quality care and profitability. The healthcare industry is constantly being challenged to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness that are not always possible using previous technology platforms. New is good. Change is good.

Melody K. Smith

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