Taxonomies in a DAM System

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A solid digital asset management (DAM) system is designed to make finding your digital files easily. This happens with a taxonomy, built to organize […]

Searching and Finding

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At first glance, the terms “findability” and “discoverability” may seem to refer to similar things. However, these concepts are very different, and both are […]

The Value of Taxonomies

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What is the true value of a custom taxonomy? Findability, consistency, discoverability, standardization? All of the above?

The most common use case for a taxonomy […]

Being Open

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The optimal search experience is faceted and could also involve open source. Faceted search is found in intranets and enterprise search applications, as well […]

AI and Search

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can be found in every business line. It is enhancing areas previously thought untouchable by machines. This leaves many wondering how […]

Wide Search

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Enterprise search can retrieve data, both structured and unstructured, within the company. It is beneficial because it enables users to easily access organized information. […]

Free Webinar Tomorrow

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Access Innovations is offering a free webinar series on semantic technology, moderated by Bill Kasdorf. The first webinar is the series is scheduled for […]

Voice Recognition and Emerging Technologies

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Speech recognition is an emerging technology that still stumps some people. Speech or voice recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive […]

Deep Learning Used in Healthcare

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There is a rapid rise in drug resistance in many pathogens which leaves the need for new antibiotics at an all time high. It […]

The Power of Search

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Search is a fundamental part of life. We search for movies, music, and other entertainment on the internet. We shop for gifts and household […]