The Power of a Library

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You can’t be in the world of information science and not appreciate libraries of any form or fashion. This interesting one was brought to […]

Search and Emerging Technologies

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A lot has changed and improved since the first-generation search technologies. Today’s modernized search platforms make it easier to build infrastructure, integrate with content sources and […]

Finding Efficiently

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Findability for users (whether internal or external) is important. Google Cloud has released a new fully managed search tool, called Retail Search, which is […]

Finding the Way with Taxonomies

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Most organizations today face challenges as they accumulate volumes of data on premises and in the cloud. How do they begin to locate what’s […]

Search with Results

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Search engines have come a long way in their ability to help you find desired information within an enterprise. Technologies vary, but no matter […]

Search with Intelligence

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We know search has been evolving and will continue to do so. Intelligent search is the power behind so much of our business world. […]

Perfecting Search

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In the world of search, users don’t always enter the precise words they are searching for, which can limit or misconstrue the results. This […]

Taxonomies and Search

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Taxonomies provide hierarchical categorization and classification of not only content, but also products and brands represented in online directories and product catalogs. Taxonomies do not belong to […]