You can’t be in the world of information science and not appreciate libraries of any form or fashion. This interesting one was brought to our attention by The Scholarly Kitchen in their article, “The Trash Library of Ankara.”

Unique and weird libraries are my favorite. Whether it is the library of mass destruction created from an old tank to the Biblioburro – a mobile library delivery books on a donkey in Colombia – collections are to be celebrated. This particular one is made up by the sanitation workers of Ankara, Turkey, who have taken it upon themselves to launch a public library from the collection of books they’ve obtained from their work as garbage collectors.

Libraries are places of unfettered access to information, which can result in critical thinking, discourse and analysis. This leads to knowledge. One mission of the American Library Association, and of librarians, is to protect the freedoms to read and view, freedoms that are critical to our democracy. Even if it comes from the trash.

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Melody K. Smith

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