Taxonomies Provide Consistency

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The primary benefit of a taxonomy is providing consistency in terms and categories to enable findability in content. This is true regardless of the […]

Taxonomies and Planets

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Did a taxonomy demote Pluto? If so, can it promote the little guy back to planet status? This interesting and humorous topic came to […]

Findability or Discoverability

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At first glance, the terms “findability” and “discoverability” may seem to refer to similar things. However, these concepts are very different, and both are […]

Machine Assisted Indexing Requires Finesse

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Technology-assisted review (TAR) can help significantly decrease the amount of manual review required. As in most things, like machine assisted indexing, not all tools […]

Classifications in Mental Health

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Taxonomies exist in every industry from science to information management to healthcare. Classifications provide direction and consistency. Recently researchers have identified psychosis subgroups that […]

Taxonomies Used in Shopping

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Taxonomies exist to increase findability of data. By establishing a consistent classification of terms for any industry, access to and quality of the data […]

Taxonomies for Financial Consistency

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A new handbook outlining standards for the financial technology (fintech) sector has been released in an effort to unify regulators, policy makers and stakeholders. This […]

Semantic Technology Webinar – Register Today

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The next webinar in the series, “MEANING MATTERS: Practical Applications of Semantic Technology,” is about an interesting topic featuring a really interesting guy, Dr. Bob Allkin, a […]

AI and Search

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Semantic technology is a frequent topic of conversation in the information science world. Machine learning or semantic technology is the basis for most commercial […]

Taxonomies are Forever

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As a middle child, I was the rule follower and self-imposed referee to ensure everyone else followed the rules. This wasn’t always easy. However, […]