Taxonomies and Artificial Intelligence

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When most people think of artificial intelligence (AI), they think of advanced machine learning algorithms, deep neural networks or computational cybernetics. The futuristic-sounding concepts […]

Tools of the Trade

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We know what a taxonomy is and does.

A taxonomy provides the structure and classification for organization to create the best findability for content. It […]

Green Taxonomies

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Sustainability or green taxonomies developed by governments, international bodies, and non-governmental organizations can help improve the consistency in identifying what, exactly, makes an investment […]

Win with Taxonomies

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If winning in the content game is your goal, you must have a clear taxonomy. A taxonomy serves to supercharge your content—helping your users […]

Taxonomies and Search

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Taxonomies provide hierarchical categorization and classification of not only content, but also products and brands represented in online directories and product catalogs. Taxonomies do not belong to […]

Insight into Your Customers

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Sentiment analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine whether data is positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment analysis is often performed on textual […]

Understanding Data

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In this world of digital, 80% of all data generated is unstructured. This poses a challenge for finding, processing and analyzing data. This interesting […]

The Importance of a Taxonomy

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A taxonomy is a set of concepts organized into a hierarchical structure covering a topical domain. Whatever you are searching for, it is important […]

Understanding How AI Works

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we think, work and even live. In a recent survey, a majority of respondents said their organizations […]