On June 27, 2024, there will be taxonomists, ontologists, data managers, knowledge organizers and data architects gathered in London for Semantic Data 2024: Taxonomy, Ontology, and Knowledge Graphs. This news came to us from PR.com in their release, “Four Weeks to Go Until Semantic Data 2024: Taxonomy, Ontology, and Knowledge Graphs Conference.”

In today’s data-driven landscape, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly central. There’s a pressing demand for hands-on, business-oriented training and guidance sessions on utilizing interconnected taxonomies to construct knowledge graphs that optimize data assets and leverage them for competitive edge more efficiently.

At this conference, experts from diverse industries will discuss their experiences, including the obstacles faced, strategies employed and their insights into what lies ahead.

There is still time to register – click here.

Ultimately, the key to effective content management lies in its discoverability, which is facilitated by a robust, standards-driven taxonomy. Our proprietary AI suite, Data Harmony, stands as a testament to this approach, harnessing explainable AI to enable efficient, cutting-edge semantic discovery of both established and emerging concepts. This empowers users to access the relevant information precisely when they require it.