Big Data

Applying Taxonomies Creates Order

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Taxonomies can be used in different applications and for different purposes, but at their most basic, they organize and classify. This interesting information came […]

Learning from Big Data

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Organizations are managing the shift from big data volumes toward ingesting, storing and analyzing hyperscale data sets, which include trillions of data records. This […]

Emerging Tech in the Cloud

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The popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and the expansion of cloud computing is leaving an impression in the information management world. Using AI in […]

Data Menagerie

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Data fabric and data mesh are emerging¬†data management¬†concepts that are meant to address the organizational change and complexities of understanding, governing and working with […]

The Financial Side of Deep Learning

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The global deep learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 51.1% from forecast period 2022 to 2030 and expected to reach around USD […]

Digital Transformation Needs Governance

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Data governance refers to the set of laws, policies, regulations, authorities and decision-making structures that guide how enterprises collect, share and use data to […]

The Growth of Smart Cities

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Smart cities are here. While many cities are still working on improving their infrastructure, the more advanced smart cities are using technologies such as […]

Reducing Hierarchal Access to Data

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Data democratization is the ongoing process of enabling everybody in an organization, irrespective of their technical know-how, to work with data comfortably, to feel […]

The Intersection of Big Data and Blockchain

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Today data is being generated in large quantities from every place imaginable – from smartphones to health bands, social activity and even smart clothes. […]

Reading Between the Data

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Many industries use big data to learn about their customers and tailor their products or services accordingly. In health care, big data sources include […]