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Big Data Analytics and IoT

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Big data analytics is the complex process of examining large and varied data sets or big data to uncover information including hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market […]

Data Security Concerns at an All Time High

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It seems that concern around personal data security is on the nightly news and paper headlines on a daily basis. When it comes to […]

Future Data Scientists

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With technology and automation evolving, the role of a data scientist is increasing in numbers and need. This information came to us from Tech Target […]

Food and Data

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The importance of eating right, including fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet, is a key component of leading a healthy life. What does […]

The Growth of Data

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Data is definitely expanding exponentially, but it might not be the critical situation many predict. This interesting topic came to us from Gigabit in their […]

Digital Transformation Gets Support

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Many information technology (IT) professionals believe digital transformation is key to an organization’s survival. But this can’t happen in a vacuum. Significant help from […]

Bring Data Together

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The powerful combination of linked data and semantics has the potential to unlock anything from regulatory compliance to new communication channels. Information Age brought […]

Data and Content Management

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Keeping up with the endless technology terminology feels a lot like keeping up with the Jones. It is a moving target. Solutions Review brought this […]

Master Data Management Brings Sources Together

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Data is valuable, but must first be collected and processed before it can be used. That is where master data management (MDM) comes in […]

Social Transportation

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Technology has enabled many things in our current reality few would have guessed. One of those are the ride sharing electric scooters that just […]