Cloud Computing Has New Partners

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are two technology terms and concepts that have altered the computer science and data analysis arenas. DATAVERSITY brought this […]

Open Source and Security

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Open source and scholarly publishing get a lot of chatter that can, and often does, overshadow the significant potential it has to lead organizations […]

Learn More About Cloud Computing

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Want to learn more about operating in the cloud? At Cloud Summit Accelerate 2018 you can discover ways to accelerate your cloud journey and […]

Cloud Used in Crime

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The security of data stored in the cloud is becoming more tenuous. Cloud hacks are becoming increasingly prominent and problematic. This is causing concern […]

Big Data and the Cloud

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The big data world is under a shiny spotlight because of the flurry of activity with cloud access and Hadoop technology implementation. In an […]

Mobile Apps and Machine Learning

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Machine learning is typically operated in the cloud, because of the technical elbow room. On mobile devices, resources are extremely limited, which means if […]

Cloud Monitoring Goes a Step Further

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Cloud monitoring is the process of evaluating, monitoring, and managing cloud-based services, applications, and infrastructure. The typical cloud monitoring service integrates with dozens of services […]

The Future of Clouds

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Object or object-based storage is a pervasive computer data storage architecture. It is commonly used to manage large amounts of unstructured data. This interesting topic […]