Though cloud computing is not at new, it is a large and growing market dominated by Amazon, Microsoft and Google, with an unclear future. This interesting topic came to us from Erik Bernhardsson in his post titled, “Storm in the stratosphere: how the cloud will be reshuffled.”

Cloud computing paves the way for startups and enterprises to slash some infrastructure costs. And while the big three will likely remain entrenched at the lowest level of the computing stack, it is unclear who will share the other layers, or how they will overlap.

Even though we are a decade into the shift to the cloud, and even though it feels like it’s transformed so much, we really are still at a starting point because at it’s most basic, we took computers and we put them in the cloud. What will cloud computing look like in the future? Just like emerging technologies, there is much more to look forward to.

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Melody K. Smith

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