Explainable AI

Improving the AI Comfort Factor

By |October 3rd, 2023|News|0 Comments

A lot of fear surrounds artificial intelligence (AI). Some is connected to perceived job security and some is related to technology “doomsday” scenarios. The […]

Fighting Fraud with Emerging Tech

By |September 29th, 2023|News|0 Comments

Artificial intelligence (AI) as an emerging technology continues to be deployed in many different areas and for many different applications. Brookings brought us this […]

Technology in Marketing

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Emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms can be a fun new tool for marketers, but new […]

Generative AI Working with Content

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Intelligent content and generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) are two related concepts that have gained prominence in recent years, especially in the fields of […]

Using Data to Monetize

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Data monetization is the process whereby company-generated data is used to create a measurable economic benefit. This can include selling data to third parties or […]

AI is Driving Cloud Innovation

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As businesses are expanding and evolving, they are looking for cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits, such as […]

AI on Watch

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been helping us in various applications such as customer service, securities trading, and healthcare. Now researchers have found that AI […]

Hierarchy of Classification

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The security concept of classified vs declassified data is somewhat clear, and there is yet a broader type of commerce-oriented data classification for businesses […]

AI and the Environment

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If we’re going to rely on more renewable energy sources, utilities will need better ways of predicting how much energy is needed, in real time and […]