New Data, Same Challenge

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Data and the need for storage is not a new challenge. Indexing it in a way findability is expedient is important and again, not […]

Managing the Data with Taxonomies

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Most organizations today face challenges as they accumulate volumes of data on premises and in the cloud. How do they begin to locate what’s […]

Taxonomy of Socialism

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Before we get started, let me preface by saying this is not a political post. This is a post about taxonomies. If you are […]

Manager of Taxonomy Opportunity Available

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It is nearing the end of the year and one of your resolutions might involve a career change. To be as helpful as possible to […]

File Analytics and Data Webinar

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Data is data, but it certainly can change your business strategy, depending on your line of business. This interesting information came to us from […]

Original Content is Optimum

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In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring authentic content and removing duplicate data is key. The same applies for your content management […]

Managing Data, Not Just Paper

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File cabinets are becoming a thing of the past as paper documents are being replaced by scanned documents and digital records. This is a […]

Facial Recognition Technology Evolvement

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Microsoft says its facial recognition tools are improving with error rates reduced by as much as 20 times for skin color and nine times […]