Taxonomies in Information Science

Taxonomists are often asked about the work they do. For those outside the world of information science and management, it can be hard to […]

Taxonomies Beget Consistency

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Whether you are talking about queries or processes, systems or taxonomies, standards make the outcomes more reliable because of the consistent approach to the data […]

Natural Language Processing in Publishing

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Academic publisher, Taylor & Francis, is developing natural language processing technology to help machines understand books and journals. The goal is two-fold: to improve […]

Navigating the Taxonomy Webinar – Tomorrow

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While taxonomy development and management may seem like a niche area, there is actually a robust choice of tools to choose from if you’re […]

Mastering the Subjects

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Creating a taxonomy often begins with input from subject matter experts (SMEs) and by evaluating other taxonomies or thesauri already being used in the […]