The theme of 2021 Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Virtual is Metadata Innovation. This year’s event will include virtual, invited and moderated sessions including keynotes, best practice sessions, expert panel discussions, invited talks, tutorials, and student and member forums. It is scheduled from October 4-15, 2021.

Access Innovatons’ president, Marjorie Hlava, will be part of panel addressing “Why AI ≠ Automated Indexing: What Is and Is Not Possible” on October 13th.

Automated indexing is only as good as the training set, or rules that are available for the domain. This panel will discuss the current state of automated categorization covering domains including research data, art history, and scientific publishing. The goal is to provide practical advice on how to take meaningful steps towards building the infrastructure needed for sustainable automated indexing.

Registration for 2021 DCMI is still open. Click here to learn more and mark your calendar.

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Melody K. Smith

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