Security and Blockchain

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Consumers utilize and accumulate massive amounts of personal data in their everyday lives. From financial records to purchasing history to geographic location data; they depend […]

The Power of Data Analytics

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Data management and analytics continue to become more important to all organizations, regardless of industry. It has become increasingly important to keeping government operations […]

Machine Learning Applications

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The Department of Defense recently concluded testing of new machine learning technology that aims to increase data sharing between combatant commands. Fed Scoop brought this news […]

Ethics and Technology

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There is always energy and excitement around new technologies and advancements to enhance processes and add value to our lives. However, frequently it becomes […]

Software to Track the Coronavirus

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Everyone is working to develop technologies that can help in the identification and elimination of the coronavirus. This is done in a variety of […]

The Long-Term Impact of Social Distancing

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Large gatherings are on the minds of most scientific and scholarly societies as we navigate public safety in the midst of a pandemic. Can […]

Analytics to the Rescue

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The Department of Revenue recently took measures to boost revenue and hit targets. With the help of data analytics they met to talk strategy and streamline […]

Vindication for Cyber Attackers

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Often we hear about computer viruses and hacks when they happen, but rarely do we know if the creators and perpetrators were identified or […]

Taxonomies Used to Read Data

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You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the Russian social media content farms and hacking conversations taking […]

The Future of Libraries

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There has been much speculation over the past few decades as technology evolves and reality-changing technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and well, e-readers, […]