Farhad Ameri, an associate professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology at Texas State University and an expert in design theory and ontology engineering, delivered the keynote address for a workshop recently held at the University that sought to advance the understanding of capabilities within information systems. The University of Buffalo brought this news to our attention in their release, “UB workshop to address human and machine capabilities.”

The UB event, “Capabilities: Human and Machine,” brought together a panel of philosophers and engineers to discuss the place for capability within the general framework of ontology, the science of consistently representing massive amounts of data by building common vocabularies based on rigorous classifications.

Many believe machines are now at a point where they should be considered a team member. Others reminded us that machines are just machines. Anthropomorphising them isn’t merely missing the point of their utility, but moreover serves to shift accountability away from those who develop and deploy them.

Melody K. Smith

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